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Beaulieu Carpets Offer Peace of Mind

Limited Lifetime Stain Warranty for Beaulieu® carpets

We stand up to stains and stand behind our carpet.

Want complete peace-of-mind? You’ll have it with our Limited Lifetime Stain Warranty for Beaulieu® carpets, including Bliss HealthyTouch™ and Magic Fresh® carpet collections. Just follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions for your new Bliss carpet and you’re protected from most common food, beverage or household accidents – even pet urine – for the life of the carpet. For complete details, on our warranty, see the Beaulieu of America Carpet Care Guide & Warranty Information.

Some Beaulieu carpets made with solution-dyed nylon or polyester fiber carry a Lifetime Stain “No Exclusions” Warranty. With our solution-dyed fibers, the color is “locked-in” and is part of the fiber itself. “No Exclusions” covers carpet that has been specifically engineered to resist against all permanent stains, without exception. This does not cover the re-appearance of spots that have been previously cleaned. See “Bliss SoftSense Solution Dyed Polyester Lifetime ‘No Exclusions’ Stain Warranty” for more details.

Remember, all spots and stains, regardless of coverage, require immediate attention. Even with a Limited Lifetime Stain Warranty, the longer you wait to clean it up, the greater the risk of the spot becoming permanent. For good advice on how to remove spots and stains for Beaulieu® carpets, go to Spot Removal Tips for Carpet, or call 800-944-2840 for spot removal recommendations. For additional information, you can also refer to our Carpet Care Guide & Warranty Information. Always follow your manufacturer’s guidelines for spot removal from your carpet so as not to void your protection.


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Bliss Healthy Touch by Beaulieu Carpets

Bliss Carpeting is On Sale Now through August 24th!  Stop into see a sample and learn about the product!

We offer Free measuring, Free estimates, Free disposal to help Save You Money!


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Host Dry Clean – Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

nursery school

Carpet provides the healthful role of filtering the air. It traps and holds soil, dust and allergens. The vertical pile of carpet traps and holds many times its weight in small particles, including dust and allergens, that enter into the indoor environment and descend onto it from above. Substantial research suggests carpet does not release these elements back into the air. However, just as it is important to clean or replace a furnace or HVAC filter, it’s important to routinely clean the carpets.

The HOST® System of applying HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner to the carpet, brushing it through the carpet and then vacuuming up the HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner removes dirt and reduces allergens. Research studies have shown that one cleaning with the HOST System using HOST Machines reduces: Dust mites by 78%, Dust Mite Allergen by 75%, Cat Allergen by 85%, Mold Spores by 85%. EPA Establishment Number: 074202-WI-001.

Just One HOST Carpet Cleaning Reduces Dust Mites by 78% and Dust Mite Allergen by 75%

A study of 25 homes, conducted in Wisconsin, to determine the effect of HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning on dust mites showed a 78% drop in the average mite count. An extended study of 63 homes in Georgia and Wisconsin showed mite allergen decreased by 75% one day after HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning. This research has been peer reviewed and was one of only 500 papers worldwide accepted for presentation at the Sixth International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and the Environment in Helsinki, Finland.

University laboratory tests prove HOST is not a food for dust mites. They eat only protein—skin scales—HOST is not a protein.
cat allergen graph
HOST Carpet Cleaning Dramatically Reduces Cat Allergen in Carpet

Pet allergens are one of the top indoor allergens to which people are sensitive. In 1995 and 1996 several homes, with a cat in residence for at least one year, were studied for the presence of cat allergens and the effects of HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning in reducing them.

The study established that cat allergens (dander, hair and saliva) in carpet can be decreased 85% with a single HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning of carpet; a second carpet cleaning reduces the number of these allergens to even lower levels.

This study was presented at the Seventh International IAQ Conference in Nagoya, Japan, July 1996.
mold spore graph
Mold & Mold Spores Also Dramatically Reduced with One HOST Carpet Cleaning

Mold spores travel with wind current and are deposited on all indoor and outdoor surfaces. Mold allergens are found virtually everywhere in residential and commercial environments.

IAQ research showing HOST removes mold spores was confirmed by studies conducted in Wisconsin and Georgia. Mold spore levels in the Georgia test homes (humid climate) decreased by 85%. Levels in the Wisconsin homes (temperate climate) decreased by 94%.

This study was presented at the Seventh International IAQ Conference in Nagoya, Japan, July 1996.
Ten Ways You Can Improve IAQ…

A: Fix roof and pipe leaks promptly.
B: Keep HVAC equipment dry and operational. Disinfect drip pans often, change filters regularly.
C: Insulate to prevent condensation.
D: Increase ventilation/fresh air into building.
E: Reduce humidity and keep indoor surfaces dry.
F: Switch to low odor VOC paints, adhesives and cleaning products.
G: Control dust; switch to treated dusting cloths.
H: Remove dust buildup inside HVAC ductwork. Filter the air to trap dust and other airborne particulate.
I: Use a high retention vacuum cleaner that retains particles larger than 0.1 micron. Respirable dust may be redistributed if a dirty or faulty bag is used.
J: Use the HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning System for carpet care and maintenance.

Did you know?

Products or equipment that advertise they remove dust mites and mold from the environment are under the jurisdiction of the EPA and must be made in an EPA registered facility.

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Fabulous Flooring Sale!

Fabulous Flooring Sale!

August 10 through the 24th!

Mohwak Smartstrand Carpet is On Sale! Eco-Friendly carpets offering a 25 year warranty is soft, warm and will make your home so welcoming, you may not want to leave!

SomerSet Hardwood Flooring offers a luxurious look in wood from Birch to Brazilian Cherry to Oak; or take a look at our Amish handscraped Homerwood Cherry or Oak in a variety of colors.

Our new FREEFIT LVT luxury vinyl tile is affordable, easy to install, and requires No Glue. This is the answer to update you bathrooms, kitchen, basement and even garage floors. It lays directly onto existing floors and is a great DIY project. A variety of styles and colors offers a wood or tile look to compliment your home.

Marazzi Tile offers the affordability to update with taste and style. Many choices of colors and textures and can be self- installed or professionally installed. Sizes, styles and medallions to compliment and decorate your home to make it special are what tile is all about.

We offer FREE measuring, FREE estimates, FREE disposal of old products, and FREE interior decorating to help you in selecting the best product for you home. Stop In during our Fabulous Flooring Sale in Downtown Durand, IL and let us help you beautify your home.

2011 Fabulous Flooring Sale


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Don’t Worry. It’s SmartStrand®

From the Field to the Floor, It’s Just Better™

Mohawk leads innovation in sustainable flooring with SmartStrand® carpet with DuPont™ Sorona® renewably sourced polymer. In a partnership with DuPont, this carpet exclusively offers fiber made with Bio-PDO™ (the key Sorona® ingredient), which is produced from corn sugar.

By utilizing this new ingredient, 37 percent of Sorona® is being made from renewable resources. This marks the first time that a luxuriously soft carpet offers durability and stain protection, while also making less of an environmental impact.

Why Is SmartStrand Carpet Environmentally Smart?

DuPont™ Sorona® plays a major role in the worldwide objective of a renewable economy and represents a new frontier in sustainability. This carpet is environmentally smart because:

The production of Sorona® polymer requires 30 percent less energy than the production of an equal amount of nylon.

Greenhouse gas emissions from the production of Sorona® are 63 percent lower than nylon manufacturing.

This energy reduction results in approximately one gallon of gasoline saved per every seven square yards of carpet.

The superior stain resistance of SmartStrand® carpet is engineered into the fiber and will never wear or wash off, meaning consumers will never need to retreat the carpet with stain protectors after steam cleaning.

And this engineered-in stain resistance reaches new levels of protection, allowing tough stains such as mustard, red wine, and cherry Kool-Aid® to be removed simply with warm water and a mild detergent, or with Mohawk FloorCare™ Essentials. The fiber even resists discoloration from bleach.

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Dry Cleaning vs Steam Cleaning Your Carpets

HOST® Carpet Cleaning vs. Steam Cleaning

Carpet cleaned the HOST Dry way is left clean and dry within 1 to 2 hours, not like steam cleaning which require 6 to 24 hours to dry. When carpets are steam cleaned, a large amount of hot water is forced into the carpet under high pressure, and then sucked back out along with the dirt, which may result to damage carpet.

The HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System is a simple and effective method for deep cleaning your carpet anytime – without the inconvenience of getting it wet. There is no need to take the carpet out of service for a long period of time. With HOST, carpet can be clean, dry and look its best every day.
HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning System

Nothing but clean, dry carpet!
No trips to the janitor’s closet to fill and dump water.
No need for fans to dry the carpet.
No need to return to the site to take down fans or caution signs.
No wick-back of spots.
No more off-hour scheduling

Steam Carpet Cleaning Process

Flat, inactive cleaning solution
High pH cleaning solution
Encourages re soiling
High water quantity
High pressure application
Long drying times
Harsh chemicals, excessive water

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Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet

SmartStrand Carpet by Mohawk is an Eco Friendly carpet that has the ability to withstand stains built right into the fiber. The color selection and style selection are very favorable and offer enough choice to suit any taste. Our Product Page shows Martha Stewart spilling red wine and blotting it up with only water. A true demonstration! This line of carpeting will be ON SALE in August! Visit our store in Downtown Durand, IL to see it in person!

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